Sightseeing at IOD – Part 2

Posted by Kim May on October 31, 2008 under Information on Demand Conference.

Imagine my surprise to find one of my recommended sightseeing spots at IOD has been remodeled since IOD 2007 and the great “outdoor” seating in the mall area I recommended is gone.  The Border Grill went upscale…too bad! 

The conference, however, was great.  The week before the conference I heard from a number of IBM’ers who were told, at the last minute, NOT to attend the conference, and I was concerned that the lower number would be apparent to the attendees.  It really wasn’t, although I certainly missed seeing some folks who had originally planned to attend. 

Everyone I spoke to is concerned about the impact the economy will have on IT.  But here’s the silver lining -the, “been there, done that”, attitude of the graying DB2 community may now be perceived as a plus as most of us have survived stock market fluctuations, recession and inflation and have a calmer, rational, long-term perspective than our younger peers.  Maybe??  🙂

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