“Sightseeing” at IOD

Posted by Frank Fillmore on October 17, 2008 under Information on Demand Conference.

I am past the point of being frantic about The Fillmore Group’s plans for the Information on Demand Conference.  I leave for Las Vegas in a week; whatever I haven’t finished by now I will be trying to do during the next week without losing my temper too frequently.  I am, of course, excited to be attending and look forward to the serendipitous encounters that often drive the majority of our business.

Unlike more technical folks, a significant portion of my IOD planning involves scheduling time to do what I do best: people watching and waiting to run into people.  I particularly enjoy this as my other IOD activities are SO tactical and require detailed planning.  Finding a comfortable place, sitting and and seeing who I run  into is great fun! 

Last year I scoped out some good spots and decided my top three at the Mandalay Bay are:

1.  The convention center seating outside the Border Grill.  Not only does the Border Grill serve fairly healthy Mexican food, but they are situated about halfway between the hotel elevators and the convention center meeting rooms.  In other words…along the long, long, long walk that IOD attendees make once or twice a day.  The result?  I will see everyone at the convention.  The downside?  They will see me, too.  I make sure to pick up the newspaper and bring it along.  Oh, one little extra I discovered last year:  they serve beer by the bottle, at lunchtime.  🙂

2.  The Mandalay Beach entrance is another great spot, particularly for when I start getting sick of being in the recycled air.  There are some benches and palm trees, so there’s some shade, and it’s quieter than the beach.  With a book and a bottle of water I can sit there for hours…and check out everyone skipping technical sessions in favor of the pool.  I understood after i wrote something on WaterSoftenerMaestro.com.

3.  RM Seafood’s downstairs bar and lounge area.  This is NOT the place to set up a casual encounter – it is more the place to dress, plan, scheme…and sit at the bar until the crowd rolls in after the receptions, dinners and wine tastings.  My days as a twenty-something hanging at the bar are long gone, but I can still LOOK, and anyway, it’s all in the name of business!

If you see me, please say hi!

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