Must-have iPad Apps for the DB2 DBA

Posted by Frank Fillmore on March 17, 2012 under DB2 for Linux Unix Windows, DB2 for VSE&VM, DB2 for z/OS, IBM Champion, Information on Demand Conference. Tags: .

At IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) conference held in Las Vegas in October of 2011, I was awarded an iPad 2 at the IBM Champions luncheon for working on the “most significant” Oracle to DB2 migration to that date.  Although I had had a Kindle e-reader for a while, I was new to tablet computing.  Initially I used the iPad for personal productivity and communications (Skype, Twitter, GMail, etc.) and entertainment (Netflix, Kindle app for iPad, and so forth).

What surprised me was that I can use the iPad to actually do my job.  Here are a few iPad apps I have found useful.

  • TinyTERM ITX 3270 for iPad  Yes, you too can turn your iPad into a dumb terminal.  For the DB2 for z/OS DBA, TinyTERM 3270 provides a green-screen interface to TSO, CICS, and IMS.  For practical use, you will need a bluetooth keyboard.
  • IBM Cognos Mobile  Work with reports locally on your iPad or connect to a Cognos server to get your KPIs and dashboards.

At this point, you’re probably saying “Yeah, but any useful server is going to behind my company’s firewall.”  The Cisco Anyconnect VPN is available if, for example, you need to access IBM TECNet servers for a demonstration.  The iPad also comes with native VPN software which can be configured under Settings > Network.

There are some additional apps such as DB2 Mobile Database Client and iDB2Prog which I haven’t had a chance to test yet.  Any feedback from folks that are using them would be appreciated.