DBA on Demand

All databases require periodic care and feeding, but a full-time database administrator on staff can be very expensive and may not provide the range of skills needed to keep your database and data warehouse systems running at optimal levels. The Fillmore Group created the DBA on Demand offering to help customers find the right balance between the automated functionality of Db2 and the support that only a knowledgeable Db2 database administrator can provide. We will help ensure systems are well maintained – as cost effectively as possible.

The Fillmore Group’s DBA on Demand offering gives you a database administrator to use as needed. A TFG consultant will work at your site, or remotely via VPN, to perform a variety of tasks that may include periodic system maintenance, tuning, troubleshooting and application development. Services delivery will be tailored to your schedule and performed on a periodic or “as needed” basis, or some combination of the two.

Sample Tasks Performed

  • Installations, migrations, and service pack applications
  • Configuration and troubleshooting
  • Database reorganization, performance monitoring, and tuning
  • Support for out of service Db2 software versions
  • Backup and recovery
  • Assistance with ancillary products and features such as Replication, Federation, Compression, BLU Acceleration, Data Partitioning Feature, pureScale and Archiving


The Fillmore Group will deliver a status report of activities and hours dedicated to each task on a monthly basis and will notify your organization’s designated contact of any pending capacity issues or other system concerns. Tasks will be planned in advance to accommodate workload and processing schedules.

Service Level Agreement

The Fillmore Group will respond to all requests received within four (4) business hours. Non-scheduled, emergency task requests that require travel onsite require email notification and approval from an assigned contact.