IBM Analytics

The Fillmore Group sells all IBM products in the IBM Analytics Data Servers, InfoSphere and Guardium product families. These products include core database products such as Db2 and Informix, as well as Data Governance and Information Integration solutions in the InfoSphere product family.

The IBM Data Servers family includes the all Db2 and Informix products. IBM is aggressively pursuing Oracle customers and The Fillmore Group has successfully assisted several customers in this transition. If reducing costs while improving performance interests you, we can help you quickly evaluate how Db2 can help.

Data governance is a quality control discipline for managing, using, improving, monitoring, maintaining, and protecting organizational data. IBM is the thought leader in data governance, offering solutions for each step in the data lifecycle from modeling to consolidating to archiving.

Information integration is the process of integrating and transforming data and content to deliver authoritative, consistent, timely and complete information, and governing its quality throughout its life cycle.