Gold Consultant Program

Frank Fillmore was invited to join the IBM Gold Consultant program in 1998.  As an IBM authorized trainer, hands-on consultant and evangelist for IBM relational database solutions, as well as founder and president of IBM Business Partner The Fillmore Group, Frank was honored to be invited to join this group of select, expert consultants.

Frank has enjoyed the technical education and insight IBM offers to the Gold Consultants along with many friendships and beneficial business relationships fostered by the program.  IBM continues to promote the Gold consultants and recently updated the IBM website with information on the program and the technical biographies for several Golds.

In 2018 the Gold Consultants’ Steering Committee began working with IBM Lab Services (now called IBM Data and AI Expert Labs) to enable the Golds to deliver consulting services to customers through their organization.  Establishing a formal working relationship between the Golds and IBM has been a goal of the program for years, particularly since participation in the Gold program requires each member maintains his or her status as an “independent consultant”.   The Golds boast a broad collection of skills developed over the past 20+ years.  Making these available to IBM customers to support their success benefits everyone.

If you are interested in engaging a Gold Consultant please review the consultant profiles on the IBM Gold webpage, or contact your IBM representative, or The Fillmore Group, and ask to have your IBM Data and AI Expert Labs project staffed by a Gold Consultant.

Measuring Success

The Gold Consultants are a technical group and as such believe any effort should produce measurable results.  As IBM Data and AI Expert Labs and the Golds work together to build a collaborative services delivery model we have begun tracking the number of services hours delivered and the number of Gold Consultants deployed on IBM Data and AI Expert Labs Services engagements.   View our 2020 ongoing growth and the final 2019 totals below – we look forward to seeing these numbers increase as the collaboration grows!

2019 Totals: