IAS for Db2 Users


  • Evaluate how your organization can leverage Db2 data and IAS to attain precise decision making capabilities thru analytics.
  • Work with Db2 and IAS experts to complete a structured evaluation of your Db2 data that will deliver a clear understanding of how the IAS can benefit your organization.
  • Gain an understanding of how to integrate the IAS’s multi-dimension and predictive analytics modeling into your daily operations.

About the IBM Integrated Analytics System

The IAS is IBM’s Data Warehouse Analytic Appliance, a unified hybrid data management analytics solution providing massively parallel processing. It comprises a high-performance hardware platform and optimized database query engine software that work together to support various data analysis and business-reporting capabilities. The subcomponents have been developed, tuned and tested to save setup and administration time and costs.

The IAS Analytics technology will help your analysts and Data Scientists better understand customer behavior, optimize networks, identify fraud, adhere to regulatory mandates, implement targeted marketing campaigns, plus many other analytics applications leading to better business decisions.

The IAS Preview is a one-half day offering that delivers expert resources to:

  • Evaluate your unique data and data warehouse goals.
  • Provide a technical understanding of the IAS architecture.
  • Review analytic reporting options supported.
  • Estimate operational requirements to support the IAS.

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