Data Studio Developer and Optim pureQuery Runtime


  • Enhance Java database application performance, often without changing a line of code for Java DB2 applications.
  • Improve Quality of Service for Java or .NET database applications.
  • Database applications developed by skilled Java and .NET developers and DBAs perform better, are more secure, and more manageable.

About Data Studio Developer and pureQuery

IBM Data Studio Developer V2.1 is an integrated database development environment that speeds application design, development, and deployment while increasing data access efficiency and performance.

IBM pureQuery Runtime V2.1 is a runtime environment that optimizes data access performance. Data Studio Developer and pureQuery are designed to work together.

This offering will jumpstart the benefits of using these tools within your organization by providing staff mentoring in their use and consulting to help your team identify when and where to focus efforts to achieve immediate, measurable results.

  • Leverage the power of the pureQuery platform for enhanced productivity, Quality of Service and efficiency. Improve collaboration across developers and DBAs.
  • Achieve better SQL tuning and simplify impact analysis for any databases changes.
  • Reduce or eliminate SQL injection risk for Java database applications.

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