Data Forensic Analysis and Extraction


  • Gain access to data stored on old media or in applications no longer supported by your organization.
  • Expand email archives to include older application email artifacts.
  • Reformat and re‐purpose the data by adding a subset to an existing data warehouse repository.
  • Retrieve specific artifacts, such as emails, required to resolve issues.

About Data Forensic Analysis

The Fillmore Group uses a number of tools and strategies to analyze and unlock data stored on outdated media and in legacy applications.

After analyzing the data where it currently resides, The Fillmore Group will develop a roadmap to enable extraction of artifacts or migration of all of the data into a usable, searchable, format.

With the growth and complexity of data volumes and formats, and changing records retention requirements, many organizations need to recapture data stored months or years ago. The Fillmore Group has successfully extracted archived data and converted it into formats that can be loaded into newer applications or stored in a repository for limited, “as‐needed” access.

  • The Fillmore Group has worked with relational and non‐relational data for over 20 years. We maintain a number of legacy systems and software applications and a network of resources to re‐create environments to restore older media.
  • Using today’s tools The Fillmore Group can convert legacy data into a format that can be searched, or sorted into a logical sequence for future access.

For more information contact The Fillmore Group at (410) 465-6335.

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