Kim May Named IBM Information Champion Again in 2011

Posted by Frank Fillmore on February 23, 2011 under Baltimore Washington DB2 Users Group, DB2 Connect, International DB2 Users Group (IDUG). Tags: .

Kim May, Vice President of Business Development for The Fillmore Group, has been named an IBM Information Champion for 2011.  The Champion program recognizes contributions to the IBM Information Management software community.  Kim is a long-time member of the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group.  In 2010 Kim launched the DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group in collaboration with IDUG.  In 2011 Kim is hosting a series of free lunch-and-learn sessions to help the community understand the depth and breadth of the IBM Information Management portfolio called “DB2 101”.  Give Kim a shout out when you get the chance.

Kim’s IOD Birds of a Feather Session Is ON

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I am excited to report that my IOD Birds of a Feather session on becoming an Information Champion was selected and will be held on Wednesday, October 28th, at 6pm at the IOD Conference.  Given that I am probably the least technical Information Champion I thought that if I could do it, so can anyone, and I thought it would be helpful to discuss the process with other future Champions.  If you are coming to IOD, I hope you will attend. 

IBM’s Amit Patel, who is serving as the communications focal point for the Information Champions, has offered to help, and I have asked another *technical* Information Champion to help as well.  When he accepts (I hope!) we will have an all-star cast ready (along with me) to assist our colleagues.  The session specifics are:

Becoming an Information Champion for Dummies  
   IBM Information Champion program recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Data Management community. Sounds kind of daunting, doesn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t if you have been working with IBM Information Management products and stay involved with the community. Read More…