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Posted by Frank Fillmore on February 26, 2009 under Data Studio, Q-Replication, TFG Blog. Tags: , , , .

I just emailed our website designer and asked her to revise the consulting page so that I can add some services offerings to the site. Three of these offerings I have developed while working with IBM’s Ron Reuben, as he is trying to create an ecosystem of services to surround and better enable Data Studio. The first one we’ve put together, based in part on our experience and appreciation of Q-Replication, is for a Data Studio Administrative Console “Quickstart” to install DSAC, set up monitoring for Q-Rep, and mentor onsite staff. This is MY favorite, as DSAC is currently available from IBM for **FREE**. Here goes, text-style. If you want to really experience the full impact of the marketing slick, check it out on the website in color next week!

The Fillmore Group Services for
Data Studio Administration Console Quickstart

• The Data Studio Administration Console (DSAC) is a free download.
• The DSAC provides real-time monitoring for Q-Replication.
• Thin client, browser-based interface replaces the Java Q-Replication dashboard.
• Easy to learn, deploy, and use.

About Data Studio
IBM Data Studio software is part of the Integrated Data Management portfolio, offering an integrated, modular environment to design, develop, deploy, operate, optimize, and govern enterprise data, databases, and data-driven applications.

If your organization uses Q-Replication to support database high availability, this offering will provide an accelerated implementation of the free IBM download, Data Studio Administration Console (DSAC).

DSAC enables organizations supporting Q-Replication to use a browser-based, thin client interface to monitor Q-Replication functions. The DSAC quickstart offering enables your organization to have a qualified Q-Replication expert work with your team to:

• Validate your current Q-Replication environment.
• Identify and address any current areas of weakness with Q-Replication.
• Assist with the Data Studio Administrative Console download and set-up, customizing it for your environment.
• Deliver onsite mentoring to enable your team to confidently support your Q-Replication environment using the Data Studio Administrative Console.

For more information contact The Fillmore Group at (410) 465-6335.

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