What’s in a Name? The latest Data Studio Product Names

Posted by Frank Fillmore on February 3, 2009 under Uncategorized.

In true IBM fashion there’s been some name-changing going on this year.  Ron Reuben from the Data Studio Channel Enablement team sent me the latest (as of today) product names that fall within the Data Studio family.  They are:

1. InfoSphere Data Architect v7.5.1 (was Rational Data Architect)
– Data modeling tool for the Enterprise Data Architect
2. Data Studio Developer v2.1
– Java Database Development Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
3. Data Studio pureQuery Runtime v2.1
– A runtime environment that facilitates managing, securing and optimizing Java database access
4. Data Studio Administrator v2.1 (was DB2 Change Management Expert)
– Database change management & administration tool
5. DB2 Performance Expert v3.2
– Tool to monitor, analyze and control the performance of multiple DB2 instances
6. DB2 Performance Expert Extended Insight v3.2
– Used in conjunction with DB2 Performance Expert, this feature provides for systemic end-to-end performance monitoring and diagnostics
7. DB2 High Performance Unload v4.1
– High Speed database unload and migration utility
8. Database Encryption Expert v1.1
– Tool to encrypt DB2 data that is both online and offline

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  1. Zkurvena Prace April 28, 2009 7:03 am

    its shame that IBM renamed Rational Data Architect. It was very known name in database industry.

  2. Lou July 4, 2009 3:24 am

    Dont worry, It’ll be another name in a few years. They have a team specifically to annoy and confuse customers.

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