Go Ginni – Break that Glass (Ceiling)

Posted by Frank Fillmore on April 4, 2012 under Information on Demand Conference.

At the IOD Conference this past October, at the “Women in Technology” networking session, led by Debbie Landers and Alyse Passarelli, Alyse announced that Ginni Rometty would be succeeding Sam Palmisano as IBM CEO – IBM’s first woman CEO.  The women (and men) in attendance all toasted Ginni and the cell phones were flashing!!

I was on the phone with my son a few days later and told him about the toast, and how I’d gotten goosebumps.  My son is 19; he went to daycare with the same girls he sat with in school and played with in the soccer league.  How far we’ve come, I told him.  When I was in school girls could chose ballet or the swim team – the options were THAT limited.  Ginni Rometty comes from my generation – she wasn’t raised in a world that offered her the same opportunities as the boys.  In spite of it, she has been enormously successful.

We all recognize hard work and persistence.  They aren’t enough; it takes even more to enable others to take notice and to really reshape their opinions and beliefs.  Power is definitely a factor.  I hope the membership committee at Augusta recognizes that Ginni Rometty has earned the right to be invited to join.  I hope Ginni uses her power for positive change and breaks another glass ceiling!

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