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Posted by Frank Fillmore on December 8, 2008 under Data Studio, DB2 Education, DB2 Gold Consultants, Q-Replication. Tags: , , , , , , , , .

Ron Reuben, IBM’s Data Studio “Enabling Architect”, Frank and I had a discussion a couple weeks ago about developing some specific offerings around Data Studio that will introduce the product – and provide immediate benefit – to existing DB2 customers.  We came up with three offerings and sent them to Ron; this Friday we are scheduled to circle back with him and discuss how these were welcomed by his team.  These ideas reflect, naturally, where we see Data Studio’s capabilities providing the most immediate impact to customers we’ve worked with.  These are ideas – not limitations!

1.  Data Studio Administration Console (DSAC) is a free download with many capabilities, and can be used extensively for Q-Replication real-time monitoring.  We suggested contacting all current Q-Replication customers and offering assistance with the implementation of DSAC.  This should take only a few days and will introduce Q-Rep customers to the Data Studio product family and get them familiar with the look-and-feel of the components.  For more information on DSAC, check out:

2.  Data Studio Developer (DSD) and pureQuery, which, by the way, was recently enhanced with v2.1 last week.  These products help Java programmers develop DB2 applications more efficiently and helps developers and DB2 DBAs collaborate more effectively on managing, troubleshooting, and debugging applications.  These are for-fee products.  The approach we’d like to take is to provide proofs-of-concept trials for customers considering deploying DSD and pureQuery in their development environment.  As an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) we have also requested to assist in the curriculum development and education effort for both of these products.   For more information on these products, visit:

3.  Rational Data Architect (RDA).  We have a lot of experience using RDA in the field – we can approach the market with proofs-of-concept, ERWIN to RDA migration support, and mentoring or formal training, as there IS curriculum available for RDA training, and we are authorized to deliver it (course CE820, Using Rational Data Architect).  In addition, as Frank is a DB2 Gold Consultant, The Fillmore Group can purchase the CE820 curriculum directly from IBM for private class delivery in conjunction with staff mentoring and data model assistance. 

Stay tuned…we hope to see these become formal offerings available from your local IBM rep.  Or, of course, you can always call us directly.

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