DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) Available October 22

Posted by Frank Fillmore on October 7, 2010 under DB2 for Linux Unix Windows, Q-Replication. Tags: , .

IBM’s flagship relational database for distributed platforms, DB2, has been packaged in Workgroup and Enterprise editions for several past versions.  Joining them at the high end is DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE).  The big news is that many useful tools and capabilities are bundled together in AESE:

·         DB2 Storage Optimization Feature

·         DB2 Performance Optimization Feature

·         Optim Performance Manager

·         InfoSphere Federation Server (limited use)

·         InfoSphere Replication Server (limited use)

·         Optim Development Studio

·         DB2 Advanced Access Control Feature

The pricing is very aggressive, so if you are using Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) and paying separately for any of these additional features, an upgrade to AESE might be an attractive option.  Click on the link below for a chart of feature/functionality for each DB2 bundle.


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