Summer Services Special

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As much as I dislike the relentless repetition that’s part of the nature of the world of blogs and twitter and listserves and email blasts, here I go with a shameless pitch for a TFG special services offering I emailed to several DB2 users earlier today.  I am doing this because, at the end of the day, the rate disparity in today’s DB2 services market baffles me.  Are the ridiculously high rates being charged eroding product adoption?  I am afraid so, which is why we are offering a summer services special. 

From now through Labor Day, September 6, 2010, DB2 customers are invited to send us competing vendor quotes for Information Management project services.   In return, The Fillmore Group will provide a proposal to complete the same tasks with qualified consultants at savings of up to 50%.
The Fillmore Group has been delivering DB2 services to IBM customers since 1987.  TFG’s consultants are IBM certified DB2 experts, recognized for their ability to help DB2 users make the most of their information assets.  We want to help DB2 customers obtain services at reasonable prices.
The fine print:  This offer does not include discounts on travel and lodging costs, but as always, when we can work remotely and save customers money, we will.  The minimum engagement length for this special is 40 hours.  Engagements of less than 120 hours require prepayment.  The success of consulting engagements is largely dependent on the availability of the appropriately skilled resource at the time the project resources are ready.  The Fillmore Group will make every effort to have the right consultant ready when you are, but if dates or requirements change The Fillmore Group reserves the right to modify their proposal to reflect the additional costs resulting from the changes.

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