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While there are many indications the “Great Recession” is over, the budget lag and fear of one last dip seems to be constraining IT project funding – EXCEPT – of all places, training.  While this seems perfectly logical (when there are fewer hands to do the work, making sure those hands are skilled is critical), historically, training budgets are the first to be cut when there’s a downturn.  Maybe organizations are wising up this time around…here at The Fillmore Group we are receiving more training requests than anytime in the past five years.  The classes we deliver for IBM are attracting students from a variety of organizations – large, small, government, and non-profits.  This is a great trend…if you’d like to help it continue, why not join us for one of the classes below, or let me know what you’d like to see.

Our scheduled classes for summer, 2010 are listed below.  Registration is on the IBM website at using the Training Finder and the course number.

Start Date                 Code                 Title

21-Jun-2010            CF602           DB2 Connect to DB2 for z/OS DRDA
28-Jun-2010            CL240           DB2 9 for LUW Multiple Partition DBA Workshop
19-Jul-2010             DX447          Information Server Administration
26-Jul-2010             CE821           Using InfoSphere Data Architect
2-Aug-2010             CL412           DB2 9 for LUW Tuning and Monitoring Workshop
9-Aug-2010             DX550          Change Data Capture (CDC) Essentials
16-Aug-2010           CF602           DB2 Connect to DB2 for z/OS DRDA
23-Aug-2010           DW352          InfoSphere Warehouse 9 Components

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  1. Janet Elam August 6, 2010 12:40 pm

    I work for 5280 Solutions LLC, a wholly owned component of Nelnet Inc. Nelnet uses InfoSphere CDC extensively but has limited staff resources with knowledge of how to set up and administer the product. We are looking for training for multiple staff members plus some consulting to review current use of CDC and provide advice on how to do things better. Does your group offer these types of services?

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