Data Architect Training (and Kim whining)

Posted by Frank Fillmore on July 13, 2009 under Uncategorized.

The Fillmore Group is an IBM delivery partner for Rational Data Architect – now renamed InfoSphere Data Architect. As the foundation for any new database or data warehouse, I expected the two-day Data Architect class to be fairly popular…but we have NEVER had sufficient enrollment to run it in an open enrollment session. Oh, and to be clear, by sufficient enrollment, I mean a whopping four students. It’s on the IBM schedule once a quarter and I promote it with outbound emails and DB2-L postings and still, nothing…

My guess is that either no one is adopting InfoSphere Data Architect, or that new users are finding alternate ways to get the training they need. Most folks I’ve spoken to that are being tasked with learning IDA know Erwin…is there a class somewhere I’ve overlooked? Hmmm…or perhaps the online lessons put together by IBM’s Wei Liu (which ARE excellent) are enough?

Any feedback would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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