TFG Website and Blog – We’re Back!

Posted by Frank Fillmore on September 22, 2016 under TFG Blog.

Many thanks to our colleagues at Substance151, particularly Ida Cheinman, for their rapid response to a website error blocking access to the many documents and presentations attached to both our website and blog.  When the error was first reported there appeared to be a simple fix to reconnect the content with the site.  Unfortunately, we ultimately determined the best way to correct the problem – permanently – was to move the entire site.

Ida’s team has been working with The Fillmore Group for almost ten years, and has not only designed our website twice (the current site received a design award in 2012 – yes, it’s probably time we begin thinking about V3 – how time flies!) but has also provided technical support when we scream “SOS!” as we did recently.

Thanks Substance151 and Ida for getting our site back – perfectly!!!  Baltimore’s Best!!!!

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