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IBM is continuously improving DB2 technical functionality while lowering the cost.  Oracle customers need to understand how DB2 compares.  The Fillmore Group has worked with several Oracle customers to understand the technical differences and to work through the migration process, from developing a plan to migrate applications and data, to training Oracle DBA’s to support DB2, and finally, to getting involved in the DB2 community.

Our goal is to help Oracle customers gain a better understanding of the differences.  TFG is hosting a series of webinars intended to demonstrate how to evaluate the cost reduction value, and to provide a better technical understanding of DB2.  We know the process isn’t simple.  Join us and decide when the time to right to seriously consider DB2.

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Break Free with TFG Sessions Delivered

Break Free session delivered June 26, 2013. For the complete recording visit Channel DB2. The slides used for the presentation are available on the TFG blog.

Topic: Sick of Oracle? Break Free!

This webinar provided an overview of IBM DB2 pricing, database functionality, DBA tools, and the migration process. It was intended for Oracle customers considering moving database workloads to other database solutions.

The presentation was delivered by relational database expert Frank Fillmore and IBM Champion Kim May. Frank has worked with customers of all sizes to migrate databases to achieve lower costs, better functionality and simpler administration.

During the session attendees had the opportunity to respond to specific questions about their Oracle use. Following the webinar each attendee received a custom action plan and an IBM Smarter Planet t-shirt.

Presenter: Frank Fillmore, The Fillmore Group

Frank is a DB2 Gold Consultant and IBM Champion. Frank has worked with DB2 customers for over 25 years to optimize their DB2 data assets, through his consulting practice and as an IBM Authorized Training instructor. Frank is an award winning presenter, and manages a team of 25 expert consultants and The Fillmore Group’s Oracle competitive team. Frank blogs at

Presenter: Kim May, The Fillmore Group

Kim is an IBM Champion and Vice President of Business Development at The Fillmore Group. Kim coordinates consulting services, training and software sales for TFG customers. Kim blogs at