Save Your Budget Bucks!

Posted by Frank Fillmore on November 11, 2008 under DB2 Education. Tags: .

I scheduled two classes between now and year end in hopes of alerting customers that 1) there IS still time to get training completed by year end, and 2) if you can’t spare the time away from the office NOW, you can still sock some training budget funds away for next year.  Don’t forget – training is always one of the first budget items that gets cut when the economy slows down.  And it’s definitely sllllooowwwwiiinnnggg down.

Here’s what I’ve sent:

If you have 2008 training budget left to spend please consider joining The Fillmore Group for these two upcoming classes – or contact me about setting up a retainer account to conserve your training budget for use in 2009.  I can be reached at 410-465-6335 or


Accelerated DB2 Database Administration for LINUX/UNIX/Windows

Dates:  November 24, 25, 26

Location:  The Fillmore Group, Towson, Maryland

Cost:  $1600

Summary:  This expert seminar course is intended for experienced DBAs or individuals familiar with relational database concepts.  Students will learn the basics of DB2 database administration including design considerations and performance tuning.  Hands-on, instructor-led.


DB2 for z/OS SQL Optimization and Tuning

Dates:  December 1, 2, 3

Location:  ATPCO, Dulles, Virginia

Cost:  $1600

Summary:  In this class students break down SQL statements to gain an understanding of how the DB2 Optimizer fulfills a request.  Students learn how database design, indexing, and the use of efficient and effective SQL queries impact performance and how to gather accurate statistical information for optimization.  Hands-on, instructor-led.