DB2 December Renewal? Stop! Evaluate AESE First!

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Given that so many IBM customers make their initial software purchases in the fourth quarter of the calendar year (when the IBM pricing gets really aggressive), the number of DB2 customers whose annual software license subscription and support is due each December is higher than in any other month of the year.  For this reason we’ve decided to deliver another webinar on the DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) bundle in hopes of persuading renewing DB2 customers to consider the upgrade.  AESE has provided substantial value to every upgrading customer we’ve worked with, and enabled their IT organization to better monitor, utilize, and extend the use of their database. 

Frank Fillmore will deliver the webinar on Monday, November 19th from 11am – 12pm EST.  Register HERE.

The invitation, in case you didn’t receive one directly from me (!) –

If your organization’s DB2 license Subscription and Support is scheduled to renew in December, now is the time to learn about the DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) product bundle and how you can finesse the upgrade JUST BEFORE paying IBM the annual Subscription and Support fee to make it VERY affordable. Read More…

Buying DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition

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The Fillmore Group had the pleasure of working with the IBM New York Metro team on a DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition upgrade and purchase for an existing DB2 ESE customer and I am working on the IBM “Winwire” document that gets circulated internally at IBM about our successful teaming.  The challenge for me is this:  how do I make it sound difficult?  Buying DB2 AESE made perfect sense for the customer from a strategic/technical perspective, and the IBM pricing was amazing.  Read More…