DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition Webcast

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Many thanks to Frank Fillmore for delivering the DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition – aka AESE – presentation on Wednesday.  We had over 70 people join us for the presentation and appreciate the positive feedback.   The link to the presentation file is here; if you have any questions on AESE or the presentation content please feel free to contact me at kim.may@thefillmoregroup.com.

One final note:  Frank is tracking down answers to the questions posed in the Q&A at the end of the session.  Look for them here – soon!

Webcast to Explain New DB2 Packaging – AESE

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Frank Fillmore will deliver a one hour presentation to explain the new DB2 for LUW Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) packaging – what’s included, how AESE differs from DB2 Enterprise Server Edition and most importantly, why anyone running DB2 for LUW should give AESE serious consideration.  

Date:  Thursday, November 18, 2010, Time:  12pm-1pm Eastern

With AESE, IBM is bundling Optim and InfoSphere tools that have been available as for-fee add-on features in the past.  Come learn how to upgrade DB2 and get: 

• DB2 Storage Optimization Feature
• DB2 Performance Optimization Feature
• Optim Performance Manager
• InfoSphere Federation Server
• InfoSphere Replication Server (Q Replication)
• Optim Development Studio
• DB2 Advanced Access Control Feature

To register, click here.  If you have a problem registering or have questions, email Blaire Crowley (blaire.crowley@thefillmoregroup.com).

“Putting Data Where You Need It: The Options” @ IOD

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For those planning to attend the IBM Information On Demand Conference in Las Vegas beginning October 24 my colleague, Kim May, will be presenting a survey of IBM replication technologies.  Session TOD-2708 will be delivered on Wednesday, October 27 at 3:15 p.m. (local time) in the Breakers L room.  Check the conference schedule to confirm.

“IBM has three distinct replication technologies: SQL Replication, InfoSphere Replication Server (Q Replication) and InfoSphere Change Data Capture (ICDC) What are the strengths and weaknesses of each tool? What data sources and targets are supported by each product? Learn about customer use cases for each technology, from data warehousing to eCommerce to high-availability. Understand how to choose the right tool for your business.”

Q Replication Now Captures Oracle Log Changes Natively

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Most of you are aware that DB2 9 for LUW delivers PL/SQL APIs in v9.7.  That is, you can run Oracle applications against DB2 for LUW databases with little or no modification.  What you might not have heard is that IBM’s high availability, low-latency replication product – Q Replication – will now natively capture changes natively in Oracle logs.  That is, you can replication your Oracle Financials to a InfoSphere Warehouse.  Q Replication is a feature of IBM’s InfoSphere Replication Server, so you might not have noticed the new functionality with all of the name changes.

Two links describe the enhancement.  David Tolleson and Ed Lynch of IBM have both provided good information on the specifications and details.