Finding the DB2 Mid Market – First of a Series

Posted by Kim May on March 13, 2012 under DB2 for i, DB2 for Linux Unix Windows, DB2 for VSE&VM, DB2 for z/OS, DB2 Migrations, IBM DB2 Services, TFG Blog. Tags: , , .

I decided to blog on my efforts to get engaged with Mid Market Information Management customers in 2012, as IBM is encouraging Business Partners like The Fillmore Group to support the Mid Market while they focus on larger accounts.  IBM is a huge organization, and as seems natural, they like to work with other huge organizations.  As demonstrated by the success of that 35-year-old tech start-up from Redmond, small and mid-sized businesses often grow, and share their growth with their vendors.  However, IBM is opting to stay focused on their core – integrated and aligned and named accounts – and delegating Mid Market customer support to Business Partners.

Makes sense, right?  Sure!  So then next…what if you are an IBM Business Partner that WANTS to work with Mid Market Information Management customers?  What if you are a Mid Market IBM Information Management customer that WANTS to work with a Business Partner?  How do you find each other?  How do you determine if you have the right chemistry?  It’s not easy. Read More…