Optim PoT’s

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The Mid-Atlantic IBM technical team – specifically Linda Snow, Paul Westfall, Warren Heising, Brad Greeley and Martha Fields – were all on hand this past Thursday to assist customers interested in learning more about Optim products using the IBM Proof of Technology hands-on labs.  The PoT format is pretty straightforward, with an IBM tech team member introducing the product and giving a high-level technical product overview for about 30 minutes, followed by the attendees performing hands-on lab exercises for 30-60 minutes. 

The format was well-received and the attendees all stayed until the last exercise was completed.  Each attendee received a lab manual and collateral on the Optim products. 

Warren Heising tells me there are many, many product PoT’s available.  He’s promised me a list; I will share it when I get it.  I encourage anyone interested in learning more about a particular product to call their local IBM team or Business Partner to see if a PoT on the product is available.  These are great!  And oh, by the way, these were delivered at no charge to our customers or us!!

Online DB2 Courses

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It’s exciting to see business starting to heat up, particularly with the IOD Conference approaching.  One of my annual goals at the IOD Conference is to try to get more attention paid to the need for technical training in the DB2 world.  I am forever amazed at the excessive funding that goes into marketing faster/cooler/ better technologies and how little goes into teaching the DBAs expected to use them.  The “solution” everyone seems to be waiting for is some sort of e-learning that eliminates the need to travel and the need to “waste” any potentially productive business time learning…as if learning weren’t the best use of time to make one’s organization more productive. 

I finally decided to spend some time getting myself set-up to access the only IBM Information Management courses available through the free Learner Portal.  Read More…

Recap: Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group

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DB2 Connect for DBA’s

We had a great meeting yesterday with both z/OS and LUW users in attendance, as well as a group of IBM’ers and our board members.  LUW sessions were delivered by Frank Fillmore, Dave Beulke and Chris Eaton (who flew in from Toronto for the day to present – many thanks!) 

Frank’s presentation on DB2 Connect was well attended.  The group selected the topic as most everyone in the group uses DB2 Connect, and few people know it well (although some have some very strong feelings about it!).  As Frank recently delivered both the Intro to DB2 Connect and the Tuning and Troubleshooting courses for IBM, he had ideas and suggestions gathered from the students that attended his classes on their most common issues.  If you use DB2 Connect, please take a few minutes and go through Frank’s presentation and see if it doesn’t give you an idea or two to improve DB2 Connect performance in your organization.

New DB2 Classes Added!!!

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The Fillmore Group received approval to add five new IBM courses to our schedule for 2010.  The new classes we will deliver in our Towson, Maryland classroom are listed below.  These classes will enable our team of expert DB2 consultants and instructors to continue to share their field experience with DBAs and to help increase DBA skills in the market.  Thanks IBM!

DX447,  Information Server Administration, starting January 11, 2010
CL461,  DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts, starting February 8, 2010
IM401,  IBM DB2 Content Manager V8 Implementation and Administration, starting April 12, 2010
CF242,  DB2 9 for LUW Multiple Partition DBA Workshop, starting April 19, 2010
CF413,  DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Performance Tuning and Monitoring Workshop, starting June 14, 2010

New Q Replication Dashboard-TFG and IBM Webcast

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Just announced and (I think) just released!  Frank will deliver a webcast on the latest version of the Q Replication Dashboard.  He installed it last night at a customer site and is already deciding which new features he likes best.  Stay tuned – I am sure his prep for the webcast will fuel some blog entries.  Here’s the invitation to the webcast:

The Fillmore Group and leading experts from IBM will deliver a 45-minute webcast to introduce the Q Replication Dashboard and improvements included in the new, redesigned Dashboard scheduled for release this month (or maybe yesterday).

The Q Replication Dashboard is the free monitoring tool available from IBM that replaces the Java Q Replication Dashboard and the Data Studio Administrative Console (DSAC) with a thin-client, browser-based interface. The Dashboard provides real-time Q Replication monitoring. In the webcast presenter and DB2 Gold Consultant Frank C. Fillmore, Jr., will introduce and explain how the new redesigned Dashboard’s expanded features and better ability to customize will enhance your organization’s Q Replication monitoring capabilities. Frank will demonstrate and explain the new Dashboard’s:
•?Improved performance for replication environments with large numbers of subscriptions and queues
•?Greater customization and filtering capabilities
•?Ability to access more data
•?Better access to historical data
•?Simplified security
•?Improved visual appeal
•?Smaller (512mb requirement) footprint for both the client and server

Two sessions of the webcast will be delivered on September 15th, one at 9:00am EDT and another at 7:00pm EDT.

To register: E-mail kim.may@thefillmoregroup.com and include your name, company name, telephone number and the session (9:00 am or 7:00 pm) you would like to attend. Read More…

DB2 Early Access Program

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BETTER than an attachment on Cobra new features…here’s the link to the Early Access program site for Cobra.

The Early Access Program is designed to encourage DB2 users to check out DB2 new features in a sandbox environment. Sign up for the Early Access Program at:


DB2 Training – Who Needs It?

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One of my responsibilities at TFG is marketing our DB2 training capabilities. Since 1996 TFG has been aligned with IBM to deliver authorized DB2 training. IBM training has gone through a number of programmatic transitions over the past twelve years, moving from a centralized division of the company to a function within each of the brand “pillars”, so DB2 training is now managed and directed by a team within the Information Management brand.

What frustrates me is how little training is being delivered. Who, in the constantly changing technology world, doesn’t need to periodically update their skills? How many DB2 users have lived through a version-to-version upgrade in the two years? Most, I bet. Read More…