TFG231 DB2 for LUW Database Administration Class

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DB2 Gold Consultant Frank Fillmore will deliver the 3-day DB2 database administration intro class at The Fillmore Group in Baltimore on November 30, December 1 and 2.  TFG instructors built this class to teach DBA’s all the things they should know to support a DB2 database.  Whether you are new to DB2 or have been supporting DB2 without any formal training this class will provide you with a solid understanding of the database and help you prioritize and focus your daily support activities.  The cost of the course is $1500.  For a course outline click TFGE231 Course Outline.  To register email

DB2 Connect VUG Meeting Registration

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“Addressing DB2 Connect Security Issues”

The next meeting of the DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group will be held Tuesday, October 18th, from 12:00pm-1:30pm EDT.  Register to attend here

This presentation has been prepared for the DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group by IBM DB2 Connect technical support analyst Adam Koile, a subject matter expert in DB2 Connect security, and Mary Ann Ritosa, IBM DB2 for z/OS technical support.   Read More…

Washington Area DB2 Users Group, June 15th

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The Mid-Atlantic IBM Information Management technical support team has announced the date and location of the first Washington Area DB2 Users Group.  This group is being coordinated by IBM’s Warren Heising and Prem Rangwani to provide education and networking to local Information Management users.  Please contact Warren Heising at IBM if you would like to attend (  Details below.

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Upcoming DB2 Connect Training – June 21 (2 seats left!)

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The next section of IBM Authorized Training course “DB2 Connect 9 to DB2 for z/OS DRDA Implementation with TCP/IP” will begin on Tuesday, June 21.  The course will be held at our Towson, MD USA classroom.  For full details on course topics and enrollment, click here.

DB2 Connect VUG – Melanie Stopfer

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Registration for Melanie Stopfer’s DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group meeting, scheduled for this coming Thursday, May 19th at 12:00pm EDT, is available now.  Please click here to join us.

DB2 Connect VUG *Reschedule Date*

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Just announced:  new date and time for Melanie Stopfer’s DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group presentation:  Thursday, May 19th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm EDT.  The session abstract and Melanie’s bio are below; the registration link will be posted here Monday.

Upcoming Training Classes

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The Fillmore Group’s Frank Fillmore has been delivering training classes on IBM’s behalf for so many years that the team here at TFG has the drill down cold:  get the IBM enrollment reports once or twice a week and figure out which classes are likely to run, advertise the ones that look promising, then cross our fingers and hope the enrollment is sufficient to be able to notify the students that class is ON!!

From there it is off to the store to stock up on sodas and treats for Donna and planning on a weekend in the classroom to do the lab set-up for Frank (sorry, Frank!)  When everything is set and the students arrive, Frank goes into delivery mode and somehow stays focused in spite of lab malfunctions, power outages and jetlagged students.   

Over the past two years we’ve seen class enrollment going up, just a bit.  I hope that as you read this you will give some thought to the benefits of IBM Information Management training.  We work really hard to deliver a great experience to everyone who comes to Towson for a class.  We have Information Server (DX447), DataStage (DX444) and DB2 Connect (CF602) classes coming up.

DB2 101 at the Iron Bridge Wine Company

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The Fillmore Group and IBM are hosting a second session of “DB2 101” – our Information Management portfolio overview lunch and learn, on Friday, April 15th, from 11am – 2pm, at the fabulous Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia, Maryland, mid-way between Baltimore and Washington.  We felt local database users would benefit from gaining a better understanding of the IBM data management strategy and developed this informative presentation, which will be presented by DB2 Gold Consultant Frank Fillmore, along with Netezza’s Mickey James.  To join us, register here.

DB2 Connect Virtual Users Group – Melanie Stopfer

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IBM’s Melanie Stopfer has volunteered to present at the next DB2 Connect VUG session.  Melanie’s presentation is titled, “Help Me, Help You, Remote DRDA Connections to DB2 z/OS“.    The session abstract and objectives are below, along with Melanie’s bio.  I hope you will join us!

Do you want to better understand and tune your remote DRDA connections to DB2 z/OS? Are you looking for tips to make your life easier?  Melanie will present analogies and insider advice to help improve performance, availability, reliability, and usability. The goal is to provide you with an arsenal of tips you can use in various remote DRDA distributed to DB2 z/OS situations.  Come learn new DB2 Connect and JDBC Universal Driver tips and tricks that you need to know.

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Chat with the Lab: DB2 and Oracle – An Architectural Comparison

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Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011 (31.3.2010)
Time: 12:30 AM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
Speakers: Sal Vella (IBM), Burt Vialpando (IBM)

Many database professionals and DBAs often ask how DB2 and Oracle compare architecturally, that is, how they are different and similar at their core. They also ask what are the equivalent concepts, names, commands etc. in the other database system. This free webinar will answer those questions by covering the following topics in detail:

– Server architecture comparison (e.g. instances and database model, process vs. thread)
– Memory architecture comparison (e.g. Oracle SGA & PGA vs. DB2 instance, database and application memory)
– Parameters, environment variables and registry variables
– Database storage model comparison (e.g. table space types and layouts, compression approaches)
– Basic database administration comparison (e.g. terminology, create database, start/stop, dictionary vs. system catalog, performance)
– Compatibility mode for running Oracle applications with DB2

This webcast is intended for database professionals:
– familiar with Oracle and looking to learn more about DB2 (for Linux, Unix and Windows),
– familiar with DB2 and looking to learn more about Oracle
– who work in a heterogeneous environment and looking to expand their DBMS knowledge and career prospects.

Join Sal Vella and Burt Vialpando on Thursday Mar 31, 2011, at 12:30 PM Eastern to learn more.
To register and receive instructions for attending this webcast, point your browser to:

If clicking this link does not work copy and paste the following URL to your web browser and follow the Registration link:

For questions/comments/suggestions: