Save Your Unspent 2010 Budget Dollars with a Retainer

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As the end of the year approaches, if you have been careful with spending and have remaining 2010 budget, please consider purchasing a DB2 services or training retainer from The Fillmore Group.

With a services or training retainer, your organization can preserve unspent 2010 budget funds and use them next year.  Here is how it works:

Services:  purchase a minimum of 150 DB2 services hours in advance at an hourly rate of $150 per hour.  These services hours will be placed in a retainer for your organization’s use over the next 24 months.   The Fillmore Group has been delivering retainer-based services to customers looking for lower rates for ten years.  When you add in the benefit of stretching budget funds across multiple years, the value increases even more.  If you are interested there is a comprehensive description of retainer-based services on our website( – the link is on the left side of the homepage).

Training:  purchase a private DB2 class in advance for delivery in 2011.  The Fillmore Group uses IBM authorized curriculum, IBM remote eLabs (to minimize lab setup hassles) and experienced instructors.  A three-day class retainer for a private class of up to six students is $12,000 and a four-day class retainer for a private class of up to six students is $14,000. 

If you are interested and have questions, please contact us at (410) 465-6335 – and we will look forward to working with you in 2011!

Training is happening in 2010

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While there are many indications the “Great Recession” is over, the budget lag and fear of one last dip seems to be constraining IT project funding – EXCEPT – of all places, training.  While this seems perfectly logical (when there are fewer hands to do the work, making sure those hands are skilled is critical), historically, training budgets are the first to be cut when there’s a downturn.  Maybe organizations are wising up this time around…here at The Fillmore Group we are receiving more training requests than anytime in the past five years.  Read More…

IBM Authorized Training – Distance Learning

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I am happy to announce the return of distance learning to The Fillmore Group.  Our team developed and implemented a proprietary distance learning tool, built using a combination of WebSphere and DB2, with the free RealPlayer plug-in providing the ability to deliver streaming instructor audio and video, after the events of 9/11 made traveling for DB2 training a challenge.  Over the years we perfected the distance learning tool’s use and used it to deliver training to hundreds of people around the world – who would otherwise not have been able to attend classes.

A couple years ago IBM’s Information Management training group began evaluating distance learning technologies and limiting their use as they have been trying to find a methodology they can use consistently.   But progress hasn’t been as fast as anyone hoped, so the training team has given us the approval to again offer the public classes we deliver for IBM via distance learning.  Starting with the three classes below students can enroll in the IBM classes, use the same curriculum and lab exercise portal as the students in class, and “see and hear” the instructor lecture on the materials.  If you don’t have a travel budget, you can still join us for class!

Coming up soon are the following courses:

CE821, Using InfoSphere Data Architect, starting March 1

CF602, DB2 Connect for z/OS with DRDA, starting March 8

DW352, InfoSphere Warehouse Components, starting March 15

For course outlines and registration information go to

New DB2 Classes Added!!!

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The Fillmore Group received approval to add five new IBM courses to our schedule for 2010.  The new classes we will deliver in our Towson, Maryland classroom are listed below.  These classes will enable our team of expert DB2 consultants and instructors to continue to share their field experience with DBAs and to help increase DBA skills in the market.  Thanks IBM!

DX447,  Information Server Administration, starting January 11, 2010
CL461,  DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts, starting February 8, 2010
IM401,  IBM DB2 Content Manager V8 Implementation and Administration, starting April 12, 2010
CF242,  DB2 9 for LUW Multiple Partition DBA Workshop, starting April 19, 2010
CF413,  DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Performance Tuning and Monitoring Workshop, starting June 14, 2010

InfoSphere Warehouse “Haunted”Class 9/28

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I am trying to find two missing persons:  the two students I need to get our September 28th DW351, InfoSphere Warehouse 9 Components, class to run.  I am offering a ghost tour to anyone brave enough to join us.  See the message below:

It really isn’t haunted, but it IS a bit mysterious.  That is, until you’ve made your way through the maze of the SQL Warehouse Tool, InfoSphere Intelligent Miner, Cubing Services, and their common interface, the Design Studio, and understand they are more than just smoke and mirrors.  Attend IBM Authorized training class DW351, “InfoSphere Warehouse 9 Components” with The Fillmore Group’s Frank Fillmore and start accumulating warehouse knowledge that will make you – supernatural! 

Students attending the September 28th class will be treated to the Mt. Vernon Ghostwalk, by Baltimore Ghost Tours, and dinner at the Owl Bar in Baltimore’s historic Belvedere Hotel. 

Detailed course and registration information is available on the IBM website at:

IBM Authorized Training – Private Classes – Part 1

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The Information Management training team, led by Mike Agostino and Jim Jackson, recently instituted a program to enable Frank Fillmore, as a DB2 Gold Consultant, to obtain IBM authorized course curriculum for private class delivery.  What this means to DB2 customers is that IBM has created an alternate source from which to obtain DB2 training, which should encourage everyone delivering training to sharpen their pencils to keep pricing competitive, and at the same time raise the level of delivery quality by welcoming seasoned speakers and consultants like Frank back into the business of IBM Information Management training.  Listed below are some of the courses available – the complete list is on our website at under the training link.  I will blog on the rest of the list when I have time for the typing!

CE030 DB2 Family Fundamentals, CE120 SQL Workshop, CE130 DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users, CE242 Using Q-Replication, CE820 Using Rational Data Architect, CF180 Relational Database Design, DW145 Data Replication: Basic Usage (SQL Replication), DW154 Data Replication: Advanced Topics (SQL Replication), DW030 Changing Business with Data Insight, DW112 Architecting the Data Warehouse, DW314 Alphablox Essentials with Blox Builder, DW321 Managing Workloads for DB2 LUW and Infosphere Warehouse, DW351 Infosphere Warehouse 9 Components, DW820 Advanced Data Warehousing Workshop: Multi-Dimensional Modeling, DWA51 Infosphere Warehouse 9 – SQL Warehouse Tool and Admin Console, DWB51 Infosphere Warehouse 9 – Cubing Services, DWC51 Infosphere Warehouse 9 – Data Mining and Unstructured Text Analysis, CF242 DB2 9 for LUW Multi-Partition Database Administration, CF492 DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Recovery, CF602 DB2 Connect DRDA Implementation with TCP/IP, CF632 DB2 Connect 9 for z/OS Problem Determination and Performance, CF710 DB2 9 Stored Procedures Programming Workshop, CG100 Using xQuery to Query XML Data with DB2, CG130 Query and Manage XML Data with DB2 9, CG242, DB2 for LUW Multi-Partition Environment for Single Partition DBAs…and more coming soon!