The Sidecar Superstars

Posted by Frank Fillmore on April 17, 2012 under IDAA, Netezza, Sidecar, Sidecar.

This week The Fillmore Group is welcoming Andy Perkins from IBM in Dallas, Texas, who is here to deliver hands-on IDAA training to a group of consultants from The Fillmore Group, a couple members of the IBM z/technical team, and a prospective customer.  What’s the big deal all about?

For starters, “Sidecar” is the nickname given to the IBM Data Analytics Accelerator, or IDAA (for short, if you consider a 4-letter acronym short).  The Sidecar, or IDAA, is a Netezza that attaches to an IBM mainframe and enables users to apply Netezza’s remarkable query speed to mainframe queries.  By doing so they can radically change the way they look at business analytics and evaluate their BI strategy.  Does an organization really need to move all the data to a separate warehouse to run reports?  How quickly can an organization run queries and put the results to work?

At The Fillmore Group we are convinced this is the next big thing and are excited to have consultants already skilled in the component parts – mainframe technology and Netezza – now becoming familiar with the installation process to get the Sidecar into production.    If you are as excited about it as we are, or just curious, let us know.


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