Finding the Mid Market – IBM Passed Leads – A Woman Named Bert

Posted by Kim May on April 9, 2012 under IBM Information Management Software Sales, IBM Mid Market Customers. Tags: .

Happy Monday!  After a great weekend I was raring to go this morning and started working around 7am.  As an IBM Business Partner we are periodically assigned sales leads that come in to IBM from several different sources – through website inquiries, generated by telesales outreach efforts and webinar attendees.  IBM typically funnels these opportunities, many of which are for Mid Market customers, to the Business Partner “of record”, that is, the partner who last sold an IBM product to the customer.

Therefore, for The Fillmore Group, having been reselling for a short time, the leads are few and far between.  When leads are assigned to us I try to be super responsive.

Seeing the lead in my Inbox this morning I logged on the IBM system used to manage leads and read the notes.  Something started nagging me, and I realized I recognized the contact’s name, as it is a bit unusual for a woman to be named Bert.  But she is, and she and I had an exchange a few months back about an IBM software purchase her organization was considering.

I searched through my “Sent Items” and found an email exchange documenting our conversation, in which she had been clear about two points:  1) her organization is not interested in purchasing the IBM solution; they attended a webcast because they were curious about it, and 2) she has no budget to purchase IBM software.

This feedback matched the notes in the sales record indicating the “lead” was generated by her attendance at a webcast…in 2008!

Apparently when I took the time to do the research and document that the customer was not interested in purchasing an IBM solution, whoever or whatever system determines which Mid Market leads should be closed out and which should be recycled decided this one should be recycled…and I received it again.

It’s almost 9:30 – I spent two hours trying to get the IBM systems to accept my updated notes and to close out this lead record so the customer is not bothered with yet another call about the purchase she does not intend to make, and more importantly, so that another Business Partner, and/or I,  don’t waste time marketing to Mid Market customers who aren’t interested in buying IBM products.

I can’t get the two hours back…but I will happily do two hours of research and/or proposal writing for any Mid Market customers who is interested in pursuing an IBM product purchase.  My guess is there is a Mid Market customer like Bert out there who really DOES want to know more about an IBM product and can’t get IBM’s attention.  If you are out there – call me – 443-956-0288.

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