Webinar: InfoSphere Replication: Changes and Choices

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Please join us for a webinar Thursday, February 23, 2012, at noon Eastern.  To register, click here

IBM is merging replication offerings with the announcement of the IBM InfoSphere Data Replication V10.1.2 package.  The new Data Replication package updates and consolidates InfoSphere Data Replication, InfoSphere Change Data Capture, InfoSphere Change Data Delivery, and InfoSphere Change Data Delivery for Information Server into a single offering, giving replication users considerable flexibility in making a choice of a data replication solution.   In this session Frank will explain what the consolidation means to customers evaluating a replication technology and make recommendations to ensure your organization makes the right choice to address your business needs.

For the past ten years Frank has assisted customers with the selection and implementation of IBM replication solutions to deliver continuous availability, load data into data warehouses, minimize migration downtime, and integrate data from multiple systems.  Frank will share his experience and best practices to select the appropriate replication product, and explain how the IBM single solution addresses issues raised in the selection process.

Frank Fillmore is an IBM InfoSphere Information Champion and DB2 Gold Consultant.   Frank is founder and president of The Fillmore Group, a Premier IBM Business Partner that sells and implements IBM replication solutions, as well an IBM authorized instructor.  Frank delivers the IBM Q Replication and InfoSphere Change Data Capture classes on IBM’s behalf and leads a team of replication consultants.


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