Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Adds LUW!

Posted by Kim May on October 2, 2008 under Baltimore Washington DB2 Users Group, DB2 Education, International DB2 Users Group (IDUG). Tags: , .

When I first started working for Frank in early 2005 I volunteered to join the board of the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group, our local IDUG regional users group. At that time our business was more focused on DB2 for Linux/UNIX/Windows, but the BWDB2UG was, and has remained, very mainframe-centric. The RUG is quite successful, with quarterly meeting attendance average around 75.

As The Fillmore Group has shifted to support the mainframe renaissance we haven’t lost sight of the need for local support for DB2 for LUW users however, and I am excited to announce that the board approved the addition of a second meeting track, specifically for DB2 for LUW, starting with our upcoming December 10th meeting. Best of all, in MY opinion, is that Frank Fillmore will present at the first meeting. I look forward to being part of the team that is enabling our local LUW folks to enjoy the low-cost education, support and networking the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group members have enjoyed since 1988. Please join us December 10th if you are in the area.

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