DB2 Training – Who Needs It?

Posted by Frank Fillmore on October 2, 2008 under Uncategorized. Tags: , , .

One of my responsibilities at TFG is marketing our DB2 training capabilities. Since 1996 TFG has been aligned with IBM to deliver authorized DB2 training. IBM training has gone through a number of programmatic transitions over the past twelve years, moving from a centralized division of the company to a function within each of the brand “pillars”, so DB2 training is now managed and directed by a team within the Information Management brand.

What frustrates me is how little training is being delivered. Who, in the constantly changing technology world, doesn’t need to periodically update their skills? How many DB2 users have lived through a version-to-version upgrade in the two years? Most, I bet.

In spite of the obvious need, fewer classes are being scheduled and fewer people are gaining the skills needed to take advantage of the features and functionality being added to new versions. I hear that training budgets are being slashed and travel budgets eliminated, yet see my local Microsoft and Oracle training centers thriving. What are we doing differently – and how can we do better?

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