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Next Tuesday, September 14th, The Fillmore Group is hosting Carlton Doe, Charles Gonsalves and Warren Heising for an Informix celebration day.  The day’s agenda includes sessions on the new pricing options, reasons to upgrade to v11, and how to make Informix service options work for your organization.  Carlton Doe will be on hand to provide a peek into the future with the release of “Panther”.  This is a *free* event with lunch on TFG, so please join us.  Registration is HERE.  Jump for the full agenda.   

Informix Celebration


10:00 – 10:15am                Welcome

                                                Speaker Introductions

                                                Agenda review and session expectations

                                                Administrative items (lunch, restrooms, etc.)


10:15 – 11:00                      Informix Packaging and Licensing Update

Presenter:  Warren Heising, IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist


Abstract:  Warren will provide an overview of the latest Informix licensing options and present licensing examples and pricing.  Warren will include licensing reinstatement examples, new customer options and considerations for current Informix customers.


11:00 – 12:00                      Reasons to Upgrade to Informix V11 

                                                Presenter:  Carlton Doe, Informix Executive IT Specialist


Abstract:  The Informix product development team has steadily increased the functionality of each new version. For organizations currently using an old version of Informix, Carlton will provide an overview of the new technical features of Informix V11 and why you should begin your migration to Version 11 today.


12:00 – 1:00                        Lunch


1:00 – 1:45                           Upgrade Migration Considerations

                                                Presenter:  Carlton Doe, Informix Executive IT Specialist

Abstract:  Remember when planning an upgrade meant not seeing your family on the weekends for months at a time?  Not anymore.  Carlton’s presentation will provide an overview of what to expect when upgrading to Informix v11.  There ARE changes and the process must be planned, but you may not miss dinner this time around!


1:45 – 2:30                           Getting the Best out of Informix Support

                                                Presenter:  Charles Gonsalves, Senior Manager, Worldwide Informix Support

This session will focus on how to effectively engage the Informix support organization and take advantage of all the resources available. This includes our client self-assist options, how to use the web including My Notifications, dial in options via AOS, using our Must Gather documents and IBM Support Assistant. The presentation will also include unique support offerings such as Upgrade Bridge, Continuing Support, and the Accelerated Value Program.


2:30 – 3:30                           Crystal Ball Report:  What’s Next for Informix?

                                                Presenter:  Carlton Doe, Informix Executive IT Specialist               

From a technical perspective Informix users have never been disappointed with the new features and improved functionality of Informix releases.  Each new Informix version has introduced exciting new functionality due to an excellent Informix engineering team working at IBM.   Carlton’s presentation will show you why “Panther” will be no exception to the rule. 


Bio: Charles Gonsalves, Sr.Manager – WW Informix Support, IBM
Charles has 14 years of Informix support experience in various capacities. He started as an Informix trainer in India in 1996. He is an Informix certified Database Specialist, Informix Certified System Admin and Informix Certified 4GL Developer. He also achieved Informix Down System certification in 1998. After serving as Customer Support Manager (South Asia) for 2 years, he relocated to the US in 2000 to manage a team focused on Informix deep diagnostics, bug fixing and special builds. He has also managed the Informix tools and Informix premium support teams in the subsequent years and took over the responsibility for WW Informix Support in 2007. Charles operates out of San Jose, CA office.

Bio:  Warren Heising, Certified Consulting IT Specialist IBM

Warren is a Certified Consulting IT Specialist for IBM working in the Mid-Atlantic region.  He has over 25 years experience in the database field including 9 years at Informix prior to the IBM acquisition. He has a strong background in both OLTP and DSS Informix products and has worked with numerous clients in both Commercial and Federal accounts. Currently, he supports the full family of IBM Informix products along with DB2 and Optim products for the Mid-Atlantic region and is actively involved in scheduling and delivering Proof of Technologies and Proof of Concepts.

Bio:  Carlton Doe, Executive IT Specialist, IBM
Carlton’s official title is Executive IT Specialist for IBM but he’s really just a technical sales wonk. He used Informix as a DBA and application developer for many years before joining Informix/IBM. He’s a cofounder of the International Informix Users Group ( and the author of a number of Informix books and other publications. All that is supposed to make you think he knows something. His latest Informix 11.50 book, Administering Informix Dynamic Server, Building the Foundation is available at e-tailers everywhere

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