Optim PoT’s

Posted by Kim May on January 9, 2010 under DB2 Education, DB2 for Linux Unix Windows, Optim, Oracle. Tags: , , .

The Mid-Atlantic IBM technical team – specifically Linda Snow, Paul Westfall, Warren Heising, Brad Greeley and Martha Fields – were all on hand this past Thursday to assist customers interested in learning more about Optim products using the IBM Proof of Technology hands-on labs.  The PoT format is pretty straightforward, with an IBM tech team member introducing the product and giving a high-level technical product overview for about 30 minutes, followed by the attendees performing hands-on lab exercises for 30-60 minutes. 

The format was well-received and the attendees all stayed until the last exercise was completed.  Each attendee received a lab manual and collateral on the Optim products. 

Warren Heising tells me there are many, many product PoT’s available.  He’s promised me a list; I will share it when I get it.  I encourage anyone interested in learning more about a particular product to call their local IBM team or Business Partner to see if a PoT on the product is available.  These are great!  And oh, by the way, these were delivered at no charge to our customers or us!!

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