Training Excitement??

Posted by Frank Fillmore on July 29, 2009 under Uncategorized.

The dog days of summer are upon us and seem even more dreadfully slow than usual given the impact of the crummy economy. It’s good to see the stock market back up over 9,000 but the rumbles of pent-up demand haven’t started the phones at The Fillmore Group ringing. It’s OK; we’re patient, and I am happy to have some really positive news to report on the DB2 training front.

First, based on some reorganization within the Information Management training group, a legacy FileNet training sales guru has been moved into the lead role for North American Information Management sales. Czar Barraza is bringing welcome, fresh energy to the sales team, and helping us raise awareness of the value that niche, skilled partners like The Fillmore Group bring to the classroom. I look forward to sharing some news about some new courses we will be offering soon, along with some other training offerings Czar and his team are developing.

The second item is that we have gathered enough students to deliver a second (!) DB2 Connect class this year…Frank will deliver the DB2 Connect Performance and Troubleshooting course, CF632, starting August 10th. We marketed the class with an offer of a Chesapeake Bay summer seafood dinner (crabs, Chincoteague oysters, etc. – yum) and got a great response. This course hasn’t run in almost three years, so in spite of the economy, people continue to learn more about DB2. And…yes, there are still seats available (Register) so if you are craving crabs and beer – please join us!

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