2015 IBM Champions for Information Management

Posted by admin on March 12, 2015 under DB2 Education, IBM Champion, TFG Blog.

Congratulations to the 2015 Champions!

After work last night I stopped at the store and stood in line for about 10 minutes waiting to pay for a $4 hairband.  When it was finally my turn to checkout, at a nationwide retailer that’s been in the news for a data breach, I was asked for my zip code, email address, and asked to complete an online survey when I got home.  My frustration with the incessant collection of personal information – and the resulting Inbox clogging marketing emails, telemarketer calls and junk mail had me fuming!

Then, I got home and read the email from IBM’s wonderful Beth Flood telling me I was selected as a 2015 IBM Champion for Information Management and it got me thinking about the whole analytics, social networking and community ecosphere that’s been developing over the past ten years.  It’s immature, and often annoying, and definitely still needs work.  However, on the bright side, it has enabled individuals and organizations to make better decisions so much faster (and yes, often accurately).  We are all becoming conditioned to expect things to work faster and technology to know our preferences and anticipate our choices.

Both Frank Fillmore (another 2015 Champion – congratulations!) and I have had the opportunity to participate in this program designed to encourage and reward people in the DB2 community who share our experiences and knowledge with others – through the same social networks and tactics that we all sometimes find aggravating.  However, when things work – when, for instance, I am able to connect with a DB2 customer and assist them in finding appropriate education, or when I coordinate an event that enables DB2 users in the community to gather and learn about new solutions, it works as designed and really helps people get the information they need.

Thank you Beth, and thank you IBM for supporting the Champions program and inviting us to participate.  I will remind myself of the power of the unsubscribe button, and try to be mindful of the positive changes data accumulation and analysis bring to our lives.  I appreciate being a part of it.

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