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Posted by Kim May on September 25, 2008 under DB2 Education, DB2 Gold Consultants, TFG Blog.

Frank was contacted by the IBM Data Studio team this summer and asked to begin blogging about Data Studio, the customers we work with who are using it, and hopefully, as time goes on, how Data Studio changes the way databases are supported across the enterprise.

He said, “Sure!”, and then we got to work.   Being two people with strong opinions, it’s no surprise we opted to expand on the IBM request and give the blog more breadth.  Based on our business – The Fillmore Group is a 20+ year IBM Business Partner with a focus on Information Management – and our individual competencies and perspectives we are now blogging on Data Studio AND the issues we see facing IBM database customers today – across the Information Management portfolio, from product choices to education to ongoing support.

Frank is a DB2 Gold Consultant so his perspective is technical and solution-focused.  My specialty is education and services – enabling organizations to successfully support their database and data warehouse environments.

We look forward to your questions and comments.

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