Bryan Smith Needs More User Input on Data Studio – Please Help

Posted by Frank Fillmore on March 3, 2009 under Data Studio, DB2 for Linux Unix Windows, DB2 for z/OS. Tags: , , .

We mentioned a few weeks back that Bryan Smith, from the IBM Data Studio team, is working with a group of developers and marketing folks on IBM’s Data Studio go-to-market strategy.  Based on the quality of feedback Bryan received from the user community after his last request, he’s back for more.  If you can spare them time, please help.

Here is what he has posted on this blog:

“I need your help again.

We are having internal discussions about plans for the Data Studio administration console, a no-charge download that includes both a replication dashboard and high-level monitoring of database health and availability. It is the database health and availability monitor that I need your feedback on.  I need to hear from both DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/OS users, so don’t be shy!” 

His post goes on to detail exactly what he is looking for.  If you can spare the time to share your thoughts, I am sure he will appreciate the input.  The blog page with the detailed request is at:


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