Recap: Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group

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DB2 Connect for DBA’s

We had a great meeting yesterday with both z/OS and LUW users in attendance, as well as a group of IBM’ers and our board members.  LUW sessions were delivered by Frank Fillmore, Dave Beulke and Chris Eaton (who flew in from Toronto for the day to present – many thanks!) 

Frank’s presentation on DB2 Connect was well attended.  The group selected the topic as most everyone in the group uses DB2 Connect, and few people know it well (although some have some very strong feelings about it!).  As Frank recently delivered both the Intro to DB2 Connect and the Tuning and Troubleshooting courses for IBM, he had ideas and suggestions gathered from the students that attended his classes on their most common issues.  If you use DB2 Connect, please take a few minutes and go through Frank’s presentation and see if it doesn’t give you an idea or two to improve DB2 Connect performance in your organization.

New DB2 Classes Added!!!

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The Fillmore Group received approval to add five new IBM courses to our schedule for 2010.  The new classes we will deliver in our Towson, Maryland classroom are listed below.  These classes will enable our team of expert DB2 consultants and instructors to continue to share their field experience with DBAs and to help increase DBA skills in the market.  Thanks IBM!

DX447,  Information Server Administration, starting January 11, 2010
CL461,  DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts, starting February 8, 2010
IM401,  IBM DB2 Content Manager V8 Implementation and Administration, starting April 12, 2010
CF242,  DB2 9 for LUW Multiple Partition DBA Workshop, starting April 19, 2010
CF413,  DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Performance Tuning and Monitoring Workshop, starting June 14, 2010

Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group – Chris Eaton!!!!

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I can finally announce it – it’s finalized – Chris Eaton will be here September 9th for the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group meeting.  For me, this is a big, big deal.  The turnout for the June meeting was disappointing and the board agrees that the LUW and z/OS track folks really need to be meeting together to encourage networking and all the social aspects of the users group.  So we are doing both tracks together September 9th in Columbia, with the hotel offering us an extra room and the attendees all getting a sit-down lunch – together, in one dining room. 

The LUW agenda is below.  Joining Chris presenting are *two* DB2 Gold Consultants – Frank Fillmore (on DB2 Connect) and Dave Beulke (on Java tuning and Data Studio).  Registration and the z/OS agenda are on the website at  If you are in town, please join us – this is like getting best of IOD in one day!

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Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Meeting

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The next scheduled Baltimore/Washington DB2 for LUW Track meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 19th at the IBM Technical Exploration Center in McLean, Virginia. Coming in from IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab to present on Data Studio are George Lapis and Anjul Bhambhri. If you will be in town, please join us. The meeting will run from 10am – 2pm; please email to register.

Session 1: Integrated Data Management
This presentation will cover each of the components of Data Studio and how each fits into IBM’s data lifecycle management vision. The presentation includes an overview of the functionality included in Data Studio to support Web Services, Stored Procedures, InfoSphere Data Architect, Data Studio Administrator, Performance Expert, end-to-end monitoring, pureQuery for new and existing applications, and administration capabilities, as well as introduces some new features in the upcoming 2.2 Data Studio release.

Session 2: A Demo of the Data Studio Portfolio
This demo will cover all areas of Data Studio Portfolio which are applicable to DB2 on LUW. The presenter will use Infosphere Data Architect to reverse engineer a database, create logical and physical models, demonstrate SQL Editor and Stored Procedure debugging, will create and deploy a Web Service, create Java Beans from Data Objects, and explore DBA functionality. Attendees will be shown how they can monitor performance with Performance Expert and how the Extended Insight feature helps with end-to-end problem determination.

Presenting will be George Lapis, a technical manager at IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab. He has worked in database software for more than 30 years. For the past several years George led the compiler development team at IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab, working on SQL, XML, and XQuery for DB2, as his primary expertise is in compiler technology and implementation. Currently he is working as an architect with the Data Studio enablement team. George was a member of the R* and Starburst research projects at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.

Co-presenting with George is Anjul Bhambhri, Director of Development for Database Tools at IBM. Anjul is a 20-year veteran of the database industry. Anjul spearheaded the development of XML capabilities in IBM’s database offerings. Prior to her role at IBM, she held various engineering and management positions at Sybase and Informix. Anjul holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Kim May Named IBM Data Champion!

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It is with great pleasure that I congratulate my colleague, Kim May, on being named an IBM Data Champion.

Kim started with The Fillmore Group a little over four years ago with a background in Java application development services and Microsoft desktop and applications training. From a standing start, she has become an expert on the IBM Information Management software portfolio. Moreover, she has been a tireless evangelist for IBM IM training: she developed and promoted *free* webcasts delivered via the International DB2 Users Group and launched the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Linux, Unix, Windows track.

Kim has also established The Fillmore Group as an IBM Authorized Training Partner for in-depth for-fee classroom education.
IBM Authorized Training

Take a moment to give Kim a well-deserved shout out at

For more information on the IBM Data Champions Program, go to

Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group – MQT’s Presentation

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This is the link to the excellent presentation Petrus Chan delivered to the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group on March 6th titled, “A First Look at Materialized Query Tables (MQT’s)”.  This link takes you to the users group page where presentations are posted, so it’s a good page to bookmark:


Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group LUW Meeting – Friday, 3/6

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The second LUW track meeting is scheduled for this Friday, March 6, 2009, at the IBM TEC in McLean, Virginia.  Petrus Chan from the Toronto Lab will be presenting. 

I’ve spent a good portion of the past couple weeks getting individual invitations out to local DB2 for LUW users but if you are out there and I have not personally invited you, please consider yourself welcome – and try to join us.  Details on the presentations are below.   There is no charge for the sessions (they are *free* thanks to Tak Lee and the local IBM team) and pizza will be provided by The Fillmore Group. Read More…

Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group – LUW in 2 Weeks

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are just two weeks away from the first Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group LUW track meeting.  I haven’t seen the registration numbers yet but have been trying to contact any and everyone I can about the meeting.  The presenters are lined up and ready – DB2 evangelist Dwaine Snow from IBM on compression, an excited Bill Kincaid from xkoto, who closed a Gridscale deal with CNN just this week, and of course my favorite, Frank Fillmore, on high availability options.

If you will be in town, please join us.  Please!  It’s critical to show support for an LUW track as the legacy Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group core membership is comprised of DB2 for z/OS users.   They have been very tolerant of my persistent clamor to add an LUW track.  If we draw a crowd it will enable us to continue to offer an LUW track, providing LUW users with the same quality of low cost education that makes IDUG such a great contributor to the DB2 community.

Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group Adds LUW!

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When I first started working for Frank in early 2005 I volunteered to join the board of the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group, our local IDUG regional users group. At that time our business was more focused on DB2 for Linux/UNIX/Windows, but the BWDB2UG was, and has remained, very mainframe-centric. The RUG is quite successful, with quarterly meeting attendance average around 75.

As The Fillmore Group has shifted to support the mainframe renaissance we haven’t lost sight of the need for local support for DB2 for LUW users however, and I am excited to announce that the board approved the addition of a second meeting track, specifically for DB2 for LUW, starting with our upcoming December 10th meeting. Best of all, in MY opinion, is that Frank Fillmore will present at the first meeting. I look forward to being part of the team that is enabling our local LUW folks to enjoy the low-cost education, support and networking the Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group members have enjoyed since 1988. Please join us December 10th if you are in the area.