zEnterprise – The Ideal Basis for Smarter Computing, DC, 2/7

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Baltimore-Washington area DB2 for z users – IBM is hosting a *free* full-day of informational sessions and I recommend you attend if you can.  For details and registration information go to the link below.  IBM has been doing the zEnterprise roadshow for several years.  They consistently deliver quality content in the sessions.  There are FIVE tracks, too – lots to chose from. 

Register now: zEnterprise – The ideal basis for Smarter Computing
Date: Tuesday, February 7
Location: Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20009

In this briefing:

  • Learn how to take an integrated and cross-brand view of mainframe hardware and software.
  • See how consolidating workloads on zEnterprise can yield a lower cost per workload than consolidating on distributed platforms.
  • Look at ways to reduce costs by consolidating and co-locating data marts on zEnterprise.
  • Learn how to deploy new business models that can be quickly changed as part of an agile infrastructure that’s unmatched by other enterprise servers.
  • See how to use the “fit for purpose” concept to deploy applications on certain platforms depending on the required qualities of service.
  • Discover how to provision cloud computing quickly and easily in a very inexpensive and scalable manner through consolidation and virtualization.
  • Understand the lessons we learned from our mainframe customers in typical TCO studies as they optimized their current costs

IBM Champion Awards – Update

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From IBM’s Beth Flood:

We also took the opportunity to announce some other Champion awards for 2011 and the categories and winners are:

Champion of the Year:   Bernie O’Connor
Evangelist of the Year:   Mark Lack
Blogger of the Year:    Jim Harris
Special Recognition (Most significant displacement of Oracle to date):   Frank Fillmore

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners.

Great job, Frank!!


Congratulations to IBM Champion Frank!

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Congratulations to Frank Fillmore for being recognized at the IOD Champions luncheon for his contributions to the Information Management community, specifically for blogging on the use of Q Replication to minimize the Oracle to DB2 migration outage window at JPMC.  Frank received an iPad as a reward for his efforts and more importantly the sincere congratulations of his peers, colleagues, Steve Mills, IBM Senior Vice President and Group Executive – Software & Systems, and Beth Flood, Champions Program Coordinator. Congratulations!!

Successful Oracle to DB2 Migration at a Top 50 Financial Services Firm

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Whew!  The last four months have been a whirlwind.  A colleague, Jim Herrmann, and I have been working since March on data migration from Oracle to DB2 for a worldwide Top 50 integrated financial services firm.  A team of specialists from IBM and The Fillmore Group – including Joe Geller, Teresa Wan, Rebecca Bond, and John Schatko – assisted the customer with all aspects of application performance testing and tuning, code remediation, and data migration.  On Sunday, July 17 the production cutover occurred – and it was a huge success.  Props especially to IBMers Jeff Richardson, Jay Lennox, and Christian Zentgraf for providing technology leadership.

One of the keys to the migration of the data was the need to limit the site outage into a window no longer than 12 hours, from midnight to around noon on Sunday.  For an earlier migration, smaller in terms of data volume, the customer had successfully used the IBM Data Movement Tool (IDMT).  Given the metrics of the latest migration, the IDMT approach alone would have required an outage of up to 5 days – unacceptable for an online banking system on which millions of customer rely to pay bills and check balances.

The Fillmore Group proposed using InfoSphere Replication Server (Q Replication) to copy updates to the live OLTP data from Oracle to DB2 while the batch IDMT was running asynchronously to move the data from Oracle to DB2 tables.  By using IDMT and Q Replication in combination, we were able to reduce the outage to a much more manageable 12 hours.

We followed a template The Fillmore Group had used in 2010 at Constant Contact for their no-outage upgrade from DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows v8.2 to DB2 v9.5.  Dan Berry and Sankar Padhi delivered a detailed technical overview of that project at the IBM Information On Demand conference last year: Zero Downtime Upgrades Using Q-REP at Constant Contact  The Oracle migration was incrementally more complex, but not all that difficult.

IBM Information On Demand Conference 2010 Wrap-up

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I had intended to do this earlier, but catch-up from being away and the sheer volume of follow-up items after the conference have just permitted me to pen this summary.

Rob Thomas, IBM VP of Information Management Business Development, said that Information On Demand (IOD) 2010 – with over 10,000 attendees – was not only the largest IOD, but probably the largest IBM conference ever.  If you tried to get a Mandalay Bay elevator as sessions were ending, you won’t argue.

There are a few resources for those who weren’t able to attend.  Steaming video from various sessions and perspectives can be found at:

I had the opportunity to contribute my views here.

My colleague, Kim May, delivered a technical survey of IBM replication technologies “Putting Data Where You Need it: The Options”.


“Putting Data Where You Need It: The Options” @ IOD

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For those planning to attend the IBM Information On Demand Conference in Las Vegas beginning October 24 my colleague, Kim May, will be presenting a survey of IBM replication technologies.  Session TOD-2708 will be delivered on Wednesday, October 27 at 3:15 p.m. (local time) in the Breakers L room.  Check the conference schedule to confirm.

“IBM has three distinct replication technologies: SQL Replication, InfoSphere Replication Server (Q Replication) and InfoSphere Change Data Capture (ICDC) What are the strengths and weaknesses of each tool? What data sources and targets are supported by each product? Learn about customer use cases for each technology, from data warehousing to eCommerce to high-availability. Understand how to choose the right tool for your business.”

Information Champion at Information On Demand Conference

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My colleague, Kim May, was interviewed at last year’s IBM Information On Demand Conference.  If “brevity is the soul of wit”, Kim’s summary of The Fillmore Group’s philosophy and the value of the IOD conference is soulfully witty indeed!

Kudos to Kim.

IOD Comes to You – Washington, DC, Nov. 17th

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I am back from IOD in Las Vegas.  It was a great conference, but clearly priced beyond the budget of many Information Management software users.  For those of you in the Mid-Atlantic area, here’s another option that will give you a better understanding of IBM’s Information Agenda and where it can benefit your organization.  If nothing else, it will help you understand the products subgroups -Optim-InfoSphere-Filenet-Cognos-Data Servers.

The session is titled, “Unlocking the Business Value of Information“, and will be held Tuesday, November 17th at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in DC.  It’s *free* but you must register on the IBM site here.    Hope I will see you.

Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU)/Balanced Warehouse Morphs

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I’m at IBM’s Information OnDemand Conference (IOD) in Las Vegas.  The blog posts will be shorter, but more frequent.

The Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU) became the Balanced Warehouse.  The new name is the Smart Analytics System.  The best news for small and medium businesses is that a virtualized VMWare image will  be available in the entry level “C” class.  This means the entire stack – including operating system – is available for deployment after a few minutes of configuration.

We offer implementation assistance and training.  Let me know if you need more information.

IOD is Here!

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I am ready to leave for IOD and had some thoughts on this year’s conference based on what I’ve heard (unconfirmed, ok?)  It’s sad to hear from so many customers that they cannot attend.  IOD and IDUG offer DB2 users the broadest perspective on what’s happening in the world of OUR technology, and it seems the many incentives of attending – great training and lots of discussion about what new features and functionality are being planned, or have already been added (but no one knows about).  One vendor I spoke to estimated IOD attendance will be 80% vendors and IBM’ers, and 20% customers.  Bummer!

I think it’s important that every DB2 user get a sense of the strategy to merge all the acquired products into a comprehensive toolkit.  For those of you who won’t be at the conference, here are some suggestions: Read More…