DB2 101 Luncheon at Cinghiale April 11th

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As volumes of data explode and organizations look for unique ways to leverage the quantities of data – often in real-time – it’s easy to become confused.  We can help – join us for lunch at Cinghiale for an overview of the data management products in the IBM portfolio and gain an understanding of today’s top solutions.

Frank Fillmore will deliver an overview of hot topics in IBM data management:  Big Data, Information Governance, and appliances, and explain how new solutions are changing database and warehousing technologies.  Gain an understanding of how IBM’s acquisitions and integrated solutions have them positioned as today’s thought leader in data management.

DB2101 at Cinghiale (the “Boar”), 822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD, 21202
April 11, 2013, 11am – 1pm

To register, click here.  

Satisfy your appetite and your curiosity with a tasty Italian lunch at local favorites Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf’s Cinghiale. Whether you already use IBM data products or are interested in learning what IBM has to offer, the presentation will provide a dose of nutritious food for thought.

I will send you a confirmation with directions to the award winning Cinghiale.  Valet parking will be provided.

Free Webinar: What Your IBM Competitive Sales Specialist Wants You To Know

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Join IBM DB2 Competitive Sales Specialist Bill Kincaid and me for The Mid-Atlantic Information Management Virtual Users Group webinar on February 28th.  The Mid-Atlantic Information Management Virtual Users Group is focused on delivering information and education to DB2 users in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Given the topic and the terrific speaker lined up, and since the session will be delivered via webinar, anyone interested in IBM database solutions is welcome to join us.
In the session current DB2 customers will learn how IBM has enhanced DB2 administrative tool functionality, added new features, and is offering new product bundles that deliver better value at a lower cost.  Customers considering DB2 will learn how IBM is providing better assessment tools and easier migration processes to simplify the transition to DB2. 
Is DB2 the best?  Is moving to DB2 a no-brainer?  Join us, ask questions, and learn more about today’s DB2. 
Date:  Thursday, February 28, 2013
Time:  11am – 12:00pm Eastern
Registration is required.  Please register here
Bill Kincaid
Bill Kincaid is the IBM DB2 Competitive Sales Specialist for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Bill has worked for IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, as well as data virtualization solution developer xkoto.  Bill’s specialty is helping database users – customers currently using DB2 and customers considering migrating to DB2 – to fully understand the value of DB2.  Bill earned his BA at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and his MBA from the University of Georgia.  He lives in Charlotte and works with IBM customers in the Eastern US.
I hope you will join us.

IBM Big Data, Integration and Governance Forum

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The Fillmore Group – and a special guest to-be-announced soon, will be be participating in the IBM Big Data, Integration and Governance Forum at the Sheraton Hotel in Reston, VA on March 5th.  The forum begins at 8am with a complimentary breakfast and sessions end at 1:15pm, followed by lunch provided by IBM.   There is no charge to attend the forum.

Great speakers are lined up to explain how best to leverage innovative techniques and gain a rock-solid understanding of how to:

  • Enhance the quality, availability and integrity of your data
  • Gain real-time insight into performance
  • Optimize and improve critical decision making
  • Reduce data management cost and complexity issues
  • Enforce data quality standards and stewardship policies
  • Effectively manage regulatory compliance demands
  • Leverage support for master data management (MDM) programs

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IBM IM Sellers: Partner to Win with The Fillmore Group in 4Q12

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The fourth quarter of 2012 will close in just over one month.  What will you close between now and then?  If you attended the Break Free Forum at the IBM Information on Demand (IOD) conference in Las Vegas last month, you heard The Fillmore Group’s founder and principal, Frank Fillmore, give real-world perspectives on successful Oracle to DB2 migrations – including a project at a worldwide Top 50 integrated financial services firm.

Listen to a brief ten minute podcast discussion between Frank Fillmore and Kim May, TFG Vice President of Business Development, that provides an overview of a the steps involved in a successful migration – from intital validation to production cutover.

Oracle Takeout – Partner with TFG

If you have prospects that can benefit from these perspectives, contact Kim at kim.may@thefillmoregroup.com or (001) 443-956-0288.

Get Ready for Q4 – Get a $50 iTunes Giftcard

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Next week marks the beginning of the final calendar quarter for IBM Information Management sales.  Along with Q4 push comes discounts and special deals to help save money – and encourage you to buy now!
As an IBM reseller The Fillmore Group wants you to be a smart shopper and to make sure you compare software quotes before buying during this hectic selling season.  This keeps your vendors honest and may help you avoid overlooking a critical component needed to make the solution a success, like implementation services and training.
And, of course, we would love to earn your business.
And as an extra incentive to customers looking to purchase IBM Information Management solutions between now and year end, The Fillmore Group will give a $50 iTunes gift card for any competitive Information Management software quotes we prepare for your organization.

Contact me at either 410-465-6335 or via email at kim.may@thefillmoregroup.com if you would like a TFG software quote. 

The fine print:  This offer is valid for IBM DB2, Informix, Optim and InfoSphere products purchased through the IBM Passport Advantage program only.  You must provide your organization’s Passport Advantage Account number to receive a quote.



Greetings from IDUG – Lead Catching?

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Since early this year IBM has been promoting efforts to better collaborate with their Business Partners by passing more IBM leads to partners.  I am aware of two campaigns in 2012 where IBM has pushed leads from direct IBM sellers to Business Partners.  This makes a lot of sense as it extends the IBM sales team and facilitates more Business Partner involvement with customers.

The talk hasn’t really had any real impact on our business, unfortunately, as the two big lead passing efforts haven’t resulted in anything of substance coming our way.

So, rather than passively waiting for IBM to pass leads the The Fillmore Group, I am trying to reach out to the IBM sellers.  Being a believer in the value of face-to-face meetings and knowing I would be at IDUG this week, I asked my colleague Andrew Stenger to invite as many IBM sellers as possible to join Frank and me for a drink at IDUG so that we can say hello, introduce the value TFG brings to IM customers, and perhaps begin working together. 

Andrew sent the email invitation to a group of IBM salespeople, some of whom we have worked with, and some who have been recommended to us.  I arrived at IDUG last night, am hoping to meet some sellers interested in working with us. 

If you sell IBM Information Management software and would be interested in teaming with TFG consider this an invitation.  We are a Premier Business Partner that is:  1) authorized to deliver IBM training, 2) has a history of successful Information Management product implementations (including DB2 migrations from Oracle), and 3) is certified and ready to sell DB2, InfoSphere, Netezza and IDAA.  Most importantly, if you are at IDUG, we work to support the DB2 community – Frank is a DB2 Gold Consultant and is presenting at the conference, and Frank and I are both Information Champions.  Please stop by and meet Frank Fillmore and me at Peak’s Lounge Thursday at 5:30pm Mountain time.

If you are an IBM customer attending IDUG, and would benefit from working with a Business Partner that will help you get the best deal on IBM software, implement it properly, and understand it well enough to feel confident taking supporting it long-term, please stop by Peak’s too.  It would be even better to meet you!

Finding the Mid Market – IBM Passed Leads – A Woman Named Bert

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Happy Monday!  After a great weekend I was raring to go this morning and started working around 7am.  As an IBM Business Partner we are periodically assigned sales leads that come in to IBM from several different sources – through website inquiries, generated by telesales outreach efforts and webinar attendees.  IBM typically funnels these opportunities, many of which are for Mid Market customers, to the Business Partner “of record”, that is, the partner who last sold an IBM product to the customer.

Therefore, for The Fillmore Group, having been reselling for a short time, the leads are few and far between.  When leads are assigned to us I try to be super responsive.

Seeing the lead in my Inbox this morning I logged on the IBM system used to manage leads and read the notes.  Something started nagging me, and I realized I recognized the contact’s name, as it is a bit unusual for a woman to be named Bert.  But she is, and she and I had an exchange a few months back about an IBM software purchase her organization was considering.

I searched through my “Sent Items” and found an email exchange documenting our conversation, in which she had been clear about two points:  1) her organization is not interested in purchasing the IBM solution; they attended a webcast because they were curious about it, and 2) she has no budget to purchase IBM software.

This feedback matched the notes in the sales record indicating the “lead” was generated by her attendance at a webcast…in 2008!

Apparently when I took the time to do the research and document that the customer was not interested in purchasing an IBM solution, whoever or whatever system determines which Mid Market leads should be closed out and which should be recycled decided this one should be recycled…and I received it again.

It’s almost 9:30 – I spent two hours trying to get the IBM systems to accept my updated notes and to close out this lead record so the customer is not bothered with yet another call about the purchase she does not intend to make, and more importantly, so that another Business Partner, and/or I,  don’t waste time marketing to Mid Market customers who aren’t interested in buying IBM products.

I can’t get the two hours back…but I will happily do two hours of research and/or proposal writing for any Mid Market customers who is interested in pursuing an IBM product purchase.  My guess is there is a Mid Market customer like Bert out there who really DOES want to know more about an IBM product and can’t get IBM’s attention.  If you are out there – call me – 443-956-0288.